If it seems like I have given up on this adventure-filled ride already–fear not! I realize that it has been several days since I’ve posted, but in the beginning, I made myself a promise: while I would document the adventure occurring in each day, I may not post EVERY day.

The entire point of this adventure log is to “count my blessings” so to speak. Each day I seek out the moments of joy, beauty, inspiration, freedom, and love. To force myself to post on these each and every day would be counter intuitive.

So, without further ado:

Days 10, 11, 12, and 13: Adventure Mash-up


On Wednesday, my search for adventure turned into a search for peace and for relief. I woke up Wednesday morning with a migraine that lasted all day. As I went on about my day, it worsened. So I ended the day with a bit of relaxation: a warm bath complete with bath salts, candles (from Jewelry in Candles), and my Phillip Wesley Pandora station.

Finally, I’d found some relief.


On Thursday morning, my migraine came back with a vengeance, and it lasted all day. Needless to say, I had EXTREME difficulty finding adventure–or anything positive–this day. That is until late Thursday night.

I had been taking a new medication since Tuesday, and I didn’t really know what else I could take for my migraine since I had already taken ibuprofen and Aleve but to no avail. I left work early to deal with the severe migraine which had now turned into a fever of 101.2 and rising.

In addition, I was having difficulty breathing. I kept coughing and my throat felt swollen. My neck throbbed, and if I were to touch it, I became nauseous. I had chills and couldn’t stop shaking. In short, I felt like I was melting; in medical terms, I was having an allergic reaction to my new medication.

But my husband was my ray of hope on this day. He took care of me that night, bringing me anything I asked for. He was my sanity and my peace–well, him and Jesus.


Friday was bittersweet. My boss retired, but despite my rolling emotions, adventure was found. I saw it during her retirement party. As we sat around the break room, reminiscing and sharing stories, I caught myself looking around at all smiling faces. Sure, they wore half-smiles; we were happy for our supervisor and we shared her excited about the next chapter in her life, but we were also sad that we were not to play as big a part in it.

I couldn’t help but think about all the lives she touched, my own included. This moment inspired me to be the light for others that she had been for me.


Saturday was a day of healing and rest. I’d finally regained my strength and began feeling better. This day was spent in doors playing video games, watching TV, and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

Doesn’t sound very adventurous, does it?

Sometimes, it is hard for be to enjoy these still, quiet moments. My mind and body want to keep going. But the rest was well-deserved and well-needed. The day soothed my soul.


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