Just when I thought my search for adventure was a bust, my son surprised me on Monday night–with Pokemon of all things! My five year old seems to find a new interest every month. His latest obsession, thanks to Netflix, is Pokemon XY, which he had spent most of Monday evening watching.

As we began settling down for the night, I tucked him into bed and then headed for the living room where my husband and I planned to watch another intense episode of Lillyhammer. Yet, as I turned toward the door, I heard a little voice whisper: I wish I could live in the T.V. The disappointment I heard in that sweet little voice, usually so full of hope, pricked my heart.

“Why would you want to do that?” I asked, coming back to the bed.

“So I can meet Ash,” he said.

“Oh, baby,” I nearly laughed, “Ash is only pretend.”

“I know,” he said, “and I’m real. Why can’t I be pretend?”

“It doesn’t work like that son,” I told him. I looked around the room trying to find something, anything to better illustrate this principal of fantasy verses reality, but I couldn’t find anything. “We can play pretend though.”

“I don’t want to play pretend,” he said. “I want to be pretend. I want to go live in the TV with Ash.”

“Why is that?” I asked him.

“So I can play and have adventures and travel, travel, travel with Ash.”

By this point, I was thinking about how much I’d like to live in the TV, if that was what it meant. But I sighed and once again tried to explain to him that TV doesn’t work like that. Finally, I thought of way to explain. I grabbed my husband and told him to bring his phone. Then, once I got him up to speed on our conversation, I pulled out the phone. I asked Lukas if he remembered Daddy using the phone to video him. He nodded and said he did. So, I told him: That is how TV works. Someone videos something now, so we can put it on the TV and watch it later. People don’t actually live in there.

This explanation, however, had the opposite effect. Lukas got so excited. “So you mean, Daddy can use his phone to put me on TV?” he squealed. I started to tell him that it couldn’t, but my husband spoke up and said, “You know what? We will show you how it works tomorrow.”

Then, we said our good-nights and put our son to bed–or so we thought. You see, he was so excited about being put on TV that he lay in bed planning out his trip to TV Land for nearly three hours! In the meantime, my husband and I made our own plans.

The next day, Tuesday, we went on about our lives, business as usual, but on Tuesday night we went out on an adventure…

with a boy…

                          destined to reside in the land of make-believe


Here are the results:

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun together, and Lukas was pleased to see himself “on TV” when we got home, which just goes to show you…

sometimes all you need for an adventure is your imagination.

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