“I was always a project, something that needed to be fixed. There was always something wrong with me. If only he could know, if only I could tell him, if only…There are too many if only’s…”

All Kennan wanted was an ordinary life,

a chance to learn, to socialize…to go outdoors.

But he was different.


Having been born a disfigured mute, Kennan Wesley became an instant embarrassment to his mother, who insisted he be locked away to shield him from “a world he could never be apart of.” After her death, Kennan’s brother, Karl, assumed the role of his caretaker and continued to keep his mother’s secret, even from his children. When Karl’s wife tires of the charade, she issues an ultimatum: your family or your brother. This decision could cripple any man, but it could also be the opportunity Kennan has been waiting for.

Muted is an inspirational (but slightly dark) work of literary fiction that takes an in depth look limitations families can place on a their loved ones with disabilities.


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